The classic way

When you learn how to perform async operations using Redux this is how it usually works.

Redux Thunk/Saga classic workflow

The user interacts with the UI triggering a fake action that doesn’t update the store, it serves as an initiator for some kind of async operation against a server, and if the operation is successful we update the store to reflect such success, on the contrary, if the operation fails, we show an error and if needed we update the store to reflect the error.

In the meanwhile, the user is staring at some spinner or loading indicator and the UI won’t reflect any…

This is the second part of a GraphQL with Node and Typescript series, to check the first part and learn why GraphQL is the natural evolution of REST for app-oriented APIs please refer to my previous article.

Moving from REST to GraphQL

Did you decide to move forward from REST because GraphQL is better than REST for app-oriented APIs?

Oh, don't worry, it’s not like you need to throw your existing REST API into the garbage can, I am going to show you you can add a GraphQL Layer on top of your existing REST API.

For the sake of having a running API that…

This is the first part of a GraphQL with Node and Typescript series, to learn how to create a GraphQL API reusing your existing REST API please refer to the second part.

Ever since I started creating my first REST API, I felt something was missing. As an engineer, your brain is forced to think about optimizations, resource usage, and last but not least, developer experience. So as my knowledge of developing REST APIs grew, I started trying to give the consumer of the API the ability to customize the response he got based on the resources he needed.


So, i’ve been researching about Web Workers since they were just a cool concept, but i had trouble finding a real use case where i really “needed” a Web Worker in my Angular apps.

Let’s be honest here. ¿How many times we need to calculate a Fibonacci sequence, or calculate an n-factorial in a real world app? ¿How many of us do really use Javascript to create games with complex physics calculations?

Yeah.. Almost never.
But a few months ago, i had a simple use case i needed to resolve for one of my apps.

Given a photo taken by…

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